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Increased detoxification effect. In the infrasauna is the temperature 40-50 ° C. Comfortable and conveniently sweat. This is the only known method that creates a natural way medical fever with whole organism impact. The cabin temperature makes the connective tissue cleansing, purification the body of waste materials. Induced deposition complaints are reduced or even disappear.

Body shaping, weight loss

Visibly improves cellulite condition, a flatter tummy, slimmer will be the waist and hips. Compliance with a reasonable diet treatment course using the infrared can achieve good results (taking into account physical traits). The proposed reduction of salt and carbohydrate consumption and increasing fluid intake (2.5-3 liters / day, preferably sugar-free such mineral water, 100% fruit or vegetable juice).

Cellulite is an inflammation of the loose connective tissue, causing water, fat and waste materials consisting of a gel-like layer is deposited under the skin. As a result of infrared radiation, the body gets rid of these harmful substances. So the skin is re-balanced.


Significantly relieve allergic symptoms (eg, hay fever, pollen, dust, induced by chemicals), becomes easier the breathing.


Improve the body's blood circulation, relax the muscles, the toxins are removed.


The infrasauna is excellent for pre-sport warm up the muscles, joints and ligaments extensibility growing the risk of injury is reduced. The infrasauna condition keeps the muscles during the injury as well. Suitable for relaxing after sport as well.

Skin and other illnesses

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After treatment with an infrared heat system, good results there were in many diseases: burns, caused by sunburn pain after burns the scarring prevention, eczema, body odor, chronic middle ear infection, sore throat, nosebleeds, etc. on the skin flexible, firmer, tone improves.

Recommended number of treatments: total of 10-20 sessions of treatment, at least once a week. If weight loss, cellulite treatment is recommended at least twice a week, but for best results should be repeated up to every day. In order to reduce allergic symptoms 3, 4 daily treatments proposed repeated. Rheumatism, arthritis relief and the proposed one, two times a week, but before the start of the course, please be sure to consult with your doctor. To improve your euphoria it is enough 1, 2 times. (Duration of treatment is occasionally 40 minutes.)

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